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Elise where are your nipples? I know it’s concept art and all but still, wtf Riot, your art is veering towards bad comic art with like…every female art that I’ve been seeing recently. Also I know she’s a spider, but those feet? THEY DON’T WORK WITH TWO FEET, OUCH.

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    Elise is probably the worst female design in the game. Not only do her feet make no sense whatsoever (okay, spiders have...
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    i agree with starischan i scrolled past this earlier a few times because while i certainly do wish riot would give the...
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    I normally always go with “riot, son….i’m dissapointed” but elise at least has a god damn reason to be anatomically...
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    See this is the kind of shit I’m talking about. It’s getting annoying with the whole “OH FEMALE X IS ANATOMICALLY...
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    this concept artist only seems to know how to draw zoned-out women with zero body fat and limp wrists also i think the...
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    Sexist jerk? Wow, are you taking this personalyl. I’m sexist if I think a woman’s boobs are drawn wrong? ELISE HAS...
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